Happy New Year and Raceplan 2013

Welcome to the TriDurance blog!

I have finally given up to the insurmountable pressure to write this blog. I hope you will find it interesting, but be warned, it will be candid and about me me and me.

Happy New 2013! The season of 2012 has (almost?) come to an end even though it might be some last challenges before the actual new year. During the last few weeks I have combined a very hectic period of business travels, I’ve had an annoying cold and hence haven’t trained really anything. So that makes up for the seasonal rest!
So Good By 2012 and Welcome 2013 (at least in terms of training and racing seasons).

I have also just completed my tentative race plan for 2013. It seems to be a quite hectic year. Have a look at About Me.
All details are not set, as I am awaiting confirmation for 2 of the key races – Norseman and Celtman. I have set high ambitions for the various races, and I hope I get to train enough to live up to my goals.

The missing cornerstone of 2013 is the great swim-run races. I haven’t really signed up to them yet, and I am also thinking about various partners.

Talking about Partners – Please have a look to the right for my great partners! I am very glad to announce the most recent one – Icebug – Welcome and I very much look forward to working with you!


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