Testing the Ecco Biom Evo Racer

I have now spent some weeks testing the brand new Ecco Biom Evo Racer. I started running in the Ecco Bioms in 2012 and been using them more and more regularly. The Bioms are actually different from your standard running shoes. A lot of research has been put in to developing the Bioms, and several very competent athletes has partaken in the development, most notably Rasmus Henning http://www.rasmushenning.com/ and Michelle Vesterby http://michellevesterby.com/ . Both are Pro-triathletes from Denmark, and Rasmus ran one of the fastest run-splits in Ironman little more than a year ago.

Ecco also scanned 2000 feet in order to get the most anatomical fit of the shoes.

Anyway, all this does not matter that much if you are not happy with the shoes yourself. Starting to run with the Bioms is a bit different. The cushioning is a bit harder than many shoes, and as the shoe promotes a mid-or front running stride, the stress on your calves can be significant during the first weeks. But once you overcome this and your body adjusts, you will find the Bioms very comfortable. During 2012, I gradually ran more and more in the Biom A Mesh model, and over time, I realized that these shoes actually became my first choice for long runs.

The new Biom Evo Racer is again different. The weight is significantly less than the 2012 model, which was on the heavy side.  The Evo is about 220 grams. The fit is very snug, and completely different compared to anything I have seen on a running shoe, the “tounge” is attached to the outer side of the shoe, providing a good fit around my foot. See the image below.

Another interesting feature is that the shoe lacks an inner sole. I believe this is partly to reduce weight, and partly because… it’s not needed?

Heel-drop of the shoe is 5 mm.

So how are then my impressions of the first weeks of usage? The first run was a 20 k quite hard run with a friend of mine. The overall feeling of the run was awful, as I had a bit of cold. I also had to question the fit of the shoe, as I developed a chafe on the inner side of my right foot. Very strange, and I believed of course that I would repeatedly get chafe on the same spot on the coming runs. However, I have not felt any chafe on that spot ever again. See some pictures of that run  here.

Since that first run, I have used the Evos a number of times, long outdoor runs and shorter ones on the treadmill. No chafe anywhere, and overall a very nice running shoe.

I haven’t been able to assess the performance of the shoe fully yet, but this far it feels very fast, but my splits this time of the year aren’t that impressive. Everything indicates that the Evo will be a very good choice for longer competitions (half marathon and up) and certainly longer triathlons, (half ironman and up), where fatigue becomes a significant issue.

I found one of the designers thoughts about the Evo: http://www.bartiedesign.com/blog/?id=78

Running in the Evos is very comfortable and it is easy to control your stride with them.

I will keep you updated.








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