Pre race preparation for Ultra Trail Barcelona

I am now sittning in the sun in Sitges, Spain preparing for the Ultra Trail Barcelona tomorrow. It is a 115 km trail run wit more than 5000 meters ascent. And descent.
I have no luggage with me (lost in transit, so hoping for a delivery of that before tomorrow. But then again, this is Spain…

I feel reasonably prepared, as I did the Ursviks Ultra 75 km 3 weeks ago, and I believe I have recovered ok. Last few day I have been tapering, but instead of running, I have thrown in about 15 k meters of swimming. So shoulders are a bit sore, but hopefully I won’t be needing them on the run.

As always before a race, there are worries and question marks. In this case, I have a sore tendon in my heel and some pain in the same foot. However, I calculate that the endorphins will cancel this out.

The weather is a difficult one. Right now there is sun, a bit overcast, but the forecast changes from a lot of rain to no rain and back again. So very difficult to know what to bring for such a a 12-15 hour race in various terrain. Sunblock or rain gear – tomorrow night we will know which choice was the right one.

My friend who is joining the race too will arrive this evening, but he is unsure whether to go for the long 115k run or the short 79 k run.

I haven’t studied the course that much. But considering the altitude curve, there seems not to be too many flat sections.

The race strategy for tomorrow will be a lot on feeling. My experience in ultra running is still limited, and even though I pushed through the Ursviks Ultra to a very safe second place, I believe adding 3500 height meters and an extra marathon will be of major difference, although the UTBCN is during the day and not run on snow and ice.

I will take it quite calmly, but when the bib is pinned on, I know the adrenaline will come. To by feeling and no explicit goals. It would be nice to average 6mins/km, but as the former winning times are around that,it’s of course a too ambitious goal.

When running in ursvik, I learned that running at 80% of max heart rate is possible for me during a long period. This was also confirmed by my latest test at Aktivitus test clinic. So I might keep an eye on the heart rate monitor. But it is difficult in the ascents, as the pulse rockets. In a shorter race, you can afford that, but in this kind of race, you only have a set number of matches in your match box, and our don’t want to use them up.

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1 thought on “Pre race preparation for Ultra Trail Barcelona

  1. john

    Hey! Congrats for your second place on Ursvik Trail…and enjoy tomorrow! It’s a shame but also you can lost your luggage in Sweeden…


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