Physical failure!!!

So the Celtman proved to be a hard race. Just a but too hard. In fact hard enough to break my foot.

It seems that u had developed a stress fracture leading up to the race, and by pushing very hard over Collin Pam’s and finally struggling to survive the Bein Eighe, the stress fracture developed into a fully developed fracture.

No wonder I had some pain in the foot during the final stages of the race.

The verdict seems to be about 3-4 weeks in a cast+ 3-4 weeks recovery from running. I guess riding the bike and swimming will be ok.

Nevertheless, the main part of the season seems to be over, I must forget about Norseman. Possibly I can do some trail races, half or full marathons later in the autumn.

I would like to do a 75-100 k ultra in the end of the year though, in order to complete the final qualifications for ultra trail Mont Blanc 2014.

But for now, only alternative training such as kayaking….






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