2014 Goals getting clearer….

It was a very close call, but finally, I have been confirmed that there is a slot for me at Norseman Extreme Triathlon the 2nd of August 2014. Great news, a party of 4000+ height meters.

Within a few weeks, I hope that I will get a positive confirmation from Swissman Extreme Triathlon too, making the summer complete!

The goal is to perform as good or better than the Celtman Extreme Triathlon 2013, in which I came fourth after my foot injury. Consequently, the goal is to reach top5 in all these three Extreme Triathlons…. It’s not clear weather there is an official or inofficial top list of combined results in Extreme Triathlons, maybe I just have to compile one….

So, within a few weeks, I will be in a great position to set the lofty goals for 2014. My performances 2013 were alright, but the season clearly ended way too early due to my foot injury. It was a big loss not to be able to compete and perform well at Norseman 2013, but the inability to participate in other and local competitions was also disappointing.

I’ve already put together some training goals for the next six months (see previous post), but I will need to be both more specific and set my standards very high.

Screenshot 2013-11-13 21.03.44

Today I also got the possibility to test the new winter lenses from the awesome X-Kross sports glasses. I have experienced some fogging problems in cold environments before with average and non-specific sports glasses, so I am very excited to test these new anti-fogging Lenses.


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