2014 will be a Great Year!

New Year is coming, and this is going to become a great year!

I am taking my strong results from 2013 and mixing them with a strong ambition to become the best I can be.

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As I couldn’t compete my goals for 2013, I have pushed the Norseman and Swissman races into 2014, and the ambition is still podium or top 5 on all the three Extreme triathlons. This year, I will focus harder on these A-races, but at the same time allow myself to participate in local low-key events.

I am coming into 2014 with a decent momentum of training and OK fitness levels. My broken foot is getting better, and even my physician is positive about the development and the results of the last x-ray.

I have set up specific training goals for May next year, with the knowledge that if I meet them, I will be fitter than ever, moving into the race season!

I will also work om my swim technique, and I am happy to be selected to the Fastlane VIP training. With better technique and consistency in swimming, I will be with the first wave of swimmers in Swissman and Norseman.

My biking has become decent the last years, and my motivation on the Monark indoor trainer is good. I will incorporate strength training with weights as well as strength training on the Monark in order to build the strength needed for the 5000+ height meters of the Swissman.

Running is the weak spot of the start of 2014. But being my best discipline normally, I have the confidence to become fast and strong once I can run longer and harder. Run start is set to January 2014.

I have also been thinking of my long term goals, and included a non-complete bucket list below. I am moving away from race-based triathlons to more experience-focused events. There are so many great experiences out there ready to be made.

But of course it would be great to toe the starting line in Kailua-Kona once again some day….

Challenges 2013 (Bold = Confirmed and A-races)

  • Ursviks Ultra 75 k Winter night trail run
  • Göteborgsvarvet
  • Swissman Extreme Triathlon – Top 5
  • Norseman Extreme Triathlon – Top 5
  • i.e. Top 5 in all extreme triathlons, including Celtman Extreme Triathlon 2013.
  • Ö till Ö
  • Tjörn Half Ironman

Long term challenges / Bucket List

  • Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2015 (160 km + 9400m positive altitude gain)
  • Atacama crossing 250 km desert marathon
  • Swiss Alpine Marathon
  • Transalp run
  • Swiss Extreme Triathlon
  • Swedish Alpine Ultra 5 Juli
  • Ultratri Sweden
  • Vidösternsimmet – 21 k OW swimming
  • Lygnern Open 17 km OW swimming
  • HÅEC Haglöfs Åre Extreme Challenge
  • Embrunman France
  • Tour of Jämtland
  • Ö till Ö (again, beeing competitive)



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