Progressive training

There has been some days relaxing days off which also has provided some good opportunities for training.

My running is still non-existing, but I plan to start with short runs again in the news year. I’m not too concerned about that- if my foot will be strong I know that my running form will return fast.

I am struggling to get speed and endurance on the swimming, but I’m not quite there yet. A bit more of consistency will do it, but some upper respiratory infections has forced me to skip some sessions. I need to have at least a hygiene level of swim strength at the end of January, when I will partake in a 3 day swim clinic clinic with Triathlon Vast. In the new year , I have also been selected to be part of the Fasttrack swimming team headed by Anna-Karin Lundin aka Simcoachen, which I am very enthusiastic about.

The biking is however improving well. I believe I am stronger on the bike than ever in December. I recently upped my threshold intervals to 324 watts. The core of my structured biking is threshold (2-3×20 or 2-3 x 15 min at 90 rmp) and strength intervals (6.9 kg load on the Monark and 53 rpm gives 360 watts. I do 6×6 mins with 2 min rest). To this I will soon add 4x4min intervals and maybe 20×1 min intervals.

So now I attempt to push 324 watts on the core sessions. This far, I have only managed 2×15 mins. The planned progression is as follows:
2x15min 324 w (check)
3×15 m 324 w
2x20m 324 w
3x20m 324 w
2x15min 333 w
2x15min 333 w
3×15 m 333 w
2x20m 333 w
3x20m 333 w
2x15min 342 w
3×15 m 342 w
2x20m 342 w
3x20m 342 w

That is 13 workouts! A great goal would be to to 2 sessions of each level and 2 threshold intervals per week. Then I will hit my pre season goal 1 April.

The very warm weather has made it possible to bike outdoors, and I have taken the chance to do several cyclocross biking sessions last few weeks, great to come outdoors for a while, and very nice in the woods.
I also bought a pair of new winter biking shoes (below) which seem to be great.
But on the last ride I did a real n00b-mistake : falling when standing still… The new shoes, new cleats and mud in the pedals made the shoes rock solid in the pedals. Well well, fortunately nobody saw me!
But I also sensed good strength in my guns- powering uphill felt good, and hammering away on the flats gave me that “Diesel engine” feeling that normally comes much later in the season. Sweet.

Now I’ve had some days with poor performance in training, but I expect improvements once I am perfectly well again.

Soon, I’ll also be able to post some great updates of alternative training!




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