Thank you friends!

This blog post is dedicated to all my great supporters that enable me to perform! You provide me with various kinds of support, and you know who you are. Everything from keeping up with me, great advice, great training company and world class gear.

Thank you!

First and foremost – thank you C, and the rest of my family for letting me away on early bike/swim sessions or late night runs!

My training buddies are critical- all of you from Oscar Olsson ( to the team 10 before 10 (10 Swedish miles (100k) biking before 10 pm on Saturday mornings). This year, I have also been able to start an informal open water swim group, thanks from the company! My triathlon club Triathlon Väst is another given on the list.

As for the product partners- there has been many very generous partners. Without no particular order:

Icebug: thanks for providing a great range of trail shoes, on and off ice! You made me take 2 second places in winter marathons and ultras.

Ecco shoes: thanks for great road shoes, listening I to my feed back, and making me part of the Betterrunning initiative!

Fusion clothes: best triathlon clothes on the planet. The Danes are not only great furniture designers, apparently they also know how to design technical clothes!

GoCoCo: best socks in the world- odor free and chafe free!

X-Kross: super sport shades: great system to adapt the eye protection to the various conditions!

Triathleten/sailfish: making me swim like a fish, and completing the first Nidingen to Mainland swim crossing!

Nordic wellness: supporting me with endless indoor training possibilities has been critical for the rehab since my injury!

Simcoachen: will be a pleasure to work with you coming year! I need it!

iBike: getting my watts right on the bike! Will work more in detail with this the coming year!

Perfekta: run hydration easy and lightweight. I used your products in several competitions this year!

Duells, Maxim and Continental: generous support for the Vatternrundan team. We didn’t make sub7 hours, but the lake is still there!

Again, thank you and see you next year!


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