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Progress på löpning

Har nu börjat känna lite på löpningen. Sista 2-3 veckorna har jag hittat en bra balans mellan aktiv och passiv rehab. Det innebär löpning varannan dag. Nu kör jag 7 km på löpband med 3% lutning, lika bra att vänja sig vid backlöpning. Snart bör jag kunna köra 10 utan för mycket värk.

Idag på morgonen sprang jag i alperna. Första gången utomhuslöpning sedan 5 juli. Helt sjukt men helt fint. 7 km 3.59 tempo.

En märklig effekt av löp-frånvaro är den mentala biten – nu känns 7 km långt och jobbigt. I förra maj var allt kortare än 20 km kort, och 75 km vintertrail eller till och med 115 km bergsmaraton var möjligt.

Lång väg tillbaka, step by step.

More images Sandsjöbacka trail marathon

Here is a link to more images from the race.

Unfortunately poor quality as all these were taken with a smartphone in poor conditions.

I have still some more images that I will post in a short while. Stay tuned.


Sandsjobackatrail marathon

I had the pleasure of supporting Oscar Olsson before the race and cook his breakfast at 430 this morning.

Oscar is a fantastic athlete, he was supporting me to a fourth place at Celtman in Scotland. I followed the race this year from the car – still my foot is not strong enough – i could probably had done a 22 k short trail run, but why jeopardize anything?

It was, however, great to view all the great runners. I got to experience the start of the Ultra, the Maraton, the all runners passing checkpoint 1 and finally some socialization at the finish.

At checkpoint 1 (ultra 34 k), Oscar had built up a lead of 17 minutes (!) on Ted, Enar and two others. In the 43 k marathon, Mattias had built up a lead of 4-5 minutes before three guys, among them Ashkan, Rikard and another guy. I was completely confident that Oscar and Mattias would win, respectively. However, Mattias took some wrong trails and ended further down the field, even though he should easily have won if he had run correctly.

I am amazed that still, the fourth year, many of the top runners still navigate wrongly. Even the runners that have been running the trail before do these mistakes. N00bs, as my small boys would say!

Eventually, Oscar took the first place, sternly in just under 6hours over 68 km tough winter trails. A great effort and congrats!

I share some pics below. I was out in the cold for some time and got to use mycold weather gear, most notably the all new Icebug Sorix, (see below), a truly fantastic shoe with great warmth and traction. I would certainly say its a shoe one could walk to the north pole with… 🙂 ?
























Failfyror. 12-månaderspremiär….

Igår var en dag med barnen.

Men en liten träning skall man ju ändå kunna hinna.

Därmed var det dags för att rulla igång VO2max intervaller på Monarken. I mitt fall kör jag 4×4 minuter med 3 minuter vila. Jistoriskt har jag klarat dessa om allra bäst på 395 watt, men aldrig 400. Mitt träningsmål för våren är just att köra 4×4 på 400 watt. 90 rpm.

Men jag har dock inte kontinuiteten för dessa, så igår var första gången på länge…. Körde min modifierade Årstrstrsnd som uppvärmning, steady state belastning på 277 watt, 75 rpm. Gick fint med en ganska låg puls runt 138 i snitt.

Körde sedan den hatade 4orna. Laddade dem på 90 rpm och 387 watt. Första kändes ok. Andra var sjukt jobbig. Tredje klarade jag bara 2 minuter och körde sedan 360 watt sista 2 minuterna. Repeat på fjärde….

Men med tanke på att det var första fyrorna på säker ett år så är det helt ok. Med lite bättre ben för dagen (lite sega igår) så klarar jag 387 watt på dessa.

Sedan är det inte långt kvar till 400 watt. Dvs världsrekord för mig….

Känns bra!

Monark/Turbo trainer advice

Yesterday I did a short session on the treadmill – up to 6 k now and not too much soreness afterwards. Good progression since my small injury 7 months ago.

But today I have a special advice for you working out on a Monark stationary bike or a turbo trainer.

I have major problems with sweating as the temperature in my garage is too warm – about 12 degrees Celsius, despite using a big fan to cool me off.

bild 3

After yesterday’s session, I, and the bike was completely soaked. Naturally I try to wipe the sort bits off, but the precious training instrument is still wet. Yesterday was, by the way, yet another step of progression: 20+20+10 minutes threshold @ 331 watts with 92 RPM.

So what to do? I have a timer for this specific purpose, which I set to 3-4 hours before the session. The quality fan from Biltema is taking power from the timer. After the work is done, I simply flip the fan and put it OVER the Monark for the remainder of the time on the timer, 2-3 hours. After that, the fan is shut off and everything is dry and ventilated.

bild 2

Yes, you may call me Mr McGyver

Fastlane #1 och 6×6 styrkeintervaller

Idag var grand opening för “Fastlane powered by BraBil” – grymt bra initiativ från AK aka


Jag har varit lite oregelbunden med min simning senaste månaden

(alla mina schemalagda simpass ligger vardagar 0600. Jo jag är morgontrött, och just när klockan ringer 05.35 så känner man sig VÄLDIGT förkyld och tänker att det det är bäst att ställa in dagens pass, för säkerhets skull). Som sagt – oregelbunden simning på det senaste.

Det kanske var lika bra, för AK lär ju ut Total Immersion, en teknik som minimerar energiåtgång, och förhoppningen är att vi i gruppen inte bara skall simma energieffektivt, utan även snabbt! Dvs inte bara vara i första vågen upp på tävlingarna, utan även ha mest power kvar till cykeln. Känns bra, Anna-Karin!

Power på cykeln, ja. Igår (jo eller imorse/natt beroende på hur man ser det – 00:20 iallafall) körde jag söndagens styrkeintevaller. Hade faktist simmat lite under dagen, så det kändes rätt med hård cykling. Mitt standardpass för detta har jag inte kört på ett tag så jag körde på samma nivå som senast.

6 st 6-minuters intervaller med 2 minuter vila. Whopping 6.9 kilo belastning på monarken och en kadens på 52 ger 360 Watt. Det är jobbigt för benen. Klarade näppeligen att sitta ned under intervallerna, så det blev minst hälften stående. Jag tänker att jag skall jobba mig nedåt sittande, tills jag klarar hela serien sittande.

Som inspiration kollade jag på världens snabbaste man, UB på en Netflixdocu. Alltid något som inspirationskälla.

Nu på kvällen hängde jag med äldste sonen på fyspass för hans basket. Alltid något.

Dessutom – ett rejält spännande samarbete på gång. Hoppas det blir av, för det känns som ytterligare en “perfect match” där jag förhoppningsvis kan tillföra lite till R&D-processen!

Köp förresten min cykel!


Bike weekend!

This is going to be a great biking weekend mania.

I started of the TGIF with a threshold session on the Monark. I was watching the Sufferfest Hero, but did my own structured training. 3×15 mins  at 328 watts on average. Happy with that- especially since I haven’t been biking for a month now. next step would be 2×20 at the same wattage, aiming for 3×20.

Tomorrow’s going to be a big day. I hope to start at 9 a.m. with a 45 min spinning class back to back with a 60 min spinning class back to back with a 2-3 hour snow mountainbike trip with my great friend P. Hope my guns will be cooked after that.

It’ll be interesting to see what these 722 spikes will do with tomorrows traction. They sure seem to be competent.

Stay tuned for an update!


Mountainbike mania – Video post

During the weekend I was slightly ill, nothing big, but enough to keep me from training. But I couldn’t resist coming along Tri-Ullis when I got a question from her about a mountainbike ride. The weather was crap, but I thought a short trip couldn’t make things worse.

So we met up just after noon in my usual tracks behind Kungsbacka. We set of at a nice pace – I had no ambition for any cardio training, but just a nice visit to the outdoors. Ullis had to dig a bit harder to keep up, but great to have company – something else than the Husky podcasts that I often listen to.

I brought along a GoPro cam and shot some clips – see the youtube upload below.

Ullis really had to be home by 2 pm, and as I was finding our ways, I guess her husband have to blame me for us being very late home.

It was extremely wet in the forest, and as we were scouting new tracks we came into some areas which were a bit too difficult for our mediocre mountainbike skills.

At one point on the gravel roads there was a big hill and I pushed ahead. Luckily I wasn’t wearing my heart rate monitor, as after that I thought my heart would jump out of my chest – I was clearly not well enough for going hard – It felt like I was breathing through a straw.

When we almost were at the farthest point of the loop, Ullis started asking humbly whether I had any carbs – I didn’t. From there on she really started having a hard time. In her own words  – forgetting energy on the trip was the “rookie mistake of the year”…

Anyhow – great trip, thanks Ullis!

I have also started to try running short sessions on the treadmill. I haven’t really found a good balance between active and passive rehab, but getting there. Amazing to run again after more than 6 months of non-running. Amazing that despite trying to keep fit, I get some slight soreness after only 4 k treadmill running when starting from scratch!

Very Wet in the forest!




Ullis Extremely bonked!