Serious skiing!

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I just came home after a really great winter holiday in the Swedish alps, Ramundberget, with the family and friends. Unlike many other Swedish resorts this winter, Ramundberget has had quite good snow conditions. weather was good, so was the company.

The main purpose with the trip was downhill skiing, in my case telemark, but the hotel is situated really great, in an area which is renown for its cross country skiing, close to  Bruksvallarna. Its said to be the largest cross country skiing area in Europe!

So I used the early mornings and afternoons (the ski lifts close at 3 pm due to the darkness) for cross country skiing. all in all, I managed to do 220 kilometers during a week. Not too bad, is it? Mostly, I did the skiing with a headlamp, as it was often pitch black….

This year’s first selfie, but surely not the last! (my wife just announced she really appreciates these!)



Following picture is an installation of the X-Kross Thermo lens at the X (from X-Drive ski track). Can you see the glasses? Surely I used the X-Kross a lot, perfect for protection against the snow and wind, without any risk of fog.



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