Mountainbike mania – Video post

During the weekend I was slightly ill, nothing big, but enough to keep me from training. But I couldn’t resist coming along Tri-Ullis when I got a question from her about a mountainbike ride. The weather was crap, but I thought a short trip couldn’t make things worse.

So we met up just after noon in my usual tracks behind Kungsbacka. We set of at a nice pace – I had no ambition for any cardio training, but just a nice visit to the outdoors. Ullis had to dig a bit harder to keep up, but great to have company – something else than the Husky podcasts that I often listen to.

I brought along a GoPro cam and shot some clips – see the youtube upload below.

Ullis really had to be home by 2 pm, and as I was finding our ways, I guess her husband have to blame me for us being very late home.

It was extremely wet in the forest, and as we were scouting new tracks we came into some areas which were a bit too difficult for our mediocre mountainbike skills.

At one point on the gravel roads there was a big hill and I pushed ahead. Luckily I wasn’t wearing my heart rate monitor, as after that I thought my heart would jump out of my chest – I was clearly not well enough for going hard – It felt like I was breathing through a straw.

When we almost were at the farthest point of the loop, Ullis started asking humbly whether I had any carbs – I didn’t. From there on she really started having a hard time. In her own words  – forgetting energy on the trip was the “rookie mistake of the year”…

Anyhow – great trip, thanks Ullis!

I have also started to try running short sessions on the treadmill. I haven’t really found a good balance between active and passive rehab, but getting there. Amazing to run again after more than 6 months of non-running. Amazing that despite trying to keep fit, I get some slight soreness after only 4 k treadmill running when starting from scratch!

Very Wet in the forest!




Ullis Extremely bonked!





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