Monark/Turbo trainer advice

Yesterday I did a short session on the treadmill – up to 6 k now and not too much soreness afterwards. Good progression since my small injury 7 months ago.

But today I have a special advice for you working out on a Monark stationary bike or a turbo trainer.

I have major problems with sweating as the temperature in my garage is too warm – about 12 degrees Celsius, despite using a big fan to cool me off.

bild 3

After yesterday’s session, I, and the bike was completely soaked. Naturally I try to wipe the sort bits off, but the precious training instrument is still wet. Yesterday was, by the way, yet another step of progression: 20+20+10 minutes threshold @ 331 watts with 92 RPM.

So what to do? I have a timer for this specific purpose, which I set to 3-4 hours before the session. The quality fan from Biltema is taking power from the timer. After the work is done, I simply flip the fan and put it OVER the Monark for the remainder of the time on the timer, 2-3 hours. After that, the fan is shut off and everything is dry and ventilated.

bild 2

Yes, you may call me Mr McGyver


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