Massive swim sessions

I had the opportunity to be part of the Swim Clinic at the great venue of Falkenberg Strandbad in the weekend. It was my great club Triathlon Väst which organized the clinic with Anders Holme as the mean head trainer.

But I am also doing a lot of fine tuning with my swim skills with the great Anna-Karin a.k.a Simcoachen. More about that in a coming post.


Holme had put together some serious sessions. a bit too serious for my current swim form. See below for the details.

When coming home from the clinic (after 3 back to back hard swim sessions and a running session), I planned for some intervals on the Monrark staionary bike. The plan was to finish off my current level on the EB intervals – 90 in cadence, 331 Watts for 3×20 minutes (4 minutes rest).

What a failure! The physical stress I had built up during the weekend clearly had drained my energy. I had to dig Deep on the first 20-min interval, and after some negotiation, I aimed at 20+15+15 and then 20+10+10 minutes instead.

I couldn’t manage even that. in the end I completed 20+10+6.5 minutes. My legs nor my morale was there. Not even when the infamous “Shut Up Legs” from Jens Voigt was echoing in my garage (a.k.a torture chamber) I could take any more.

Next time I will show no mercy.






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