North Pole Skydive part 2: The Team

This is the second blogpost in a series of an epic trip, The North Pole Skydive.

Welcome back to post number 2. The expedition is on the way, and the first team and helicopters are now landed and have identified a good spot for the most northerly landing strip in the world.
The Tractors, which are to make the landing strip are to be sent and airdropped tomorrow or Saturday at latest.
The interesting thing with the logistics, is that unless the tractors can be landed and a strip can be made, there is practically no way to evacuate the first guys from the Barneo Camp. There is simply no way to land, except for the helicopters, which have a very limited range of flying, comparing with the IL76 ot Antonov 74, which flyes from Longyearbyen at Svalbard, once the landing strip is completed on the ice

Now this blog is a short post about the team. Clearly, I am (as often before??) the odd one. But in this case, I might seem to be the most normal bloke.

There is the russian air rescue rangers, all really hard core guys, many of them have skydived the North Pole many times. Some of them have been contracted to set up a similar camp on Antartctica due to their experience, working for the Argentinians. The head of the expedition, Dimitriy, is the head caracter of the film I posted in my last post. I believe he has put up the Barneo camp 8 or 9 times, if I remember correctly. It may have been more.

My tandem pilot is a nice guy with a couple of thousand skydives under the belt. Not really promising that he has the grim reaper on the back of his jacket…. I am not a small guy, but this fellow is a head taller than I…

The party which I am with are quite international, one cosmopolitan, an american, a czech, a russian guy, a brit. And I.

Common denominator for these guys is that all have about, or many more than, 1000 skydives and or BASE jumps. 4 of them have in common that they have skydived Everest. Yes, that is the big mountain in Nepal.

The comopolitan is Omar Alhegelan, and if you know skydiving you have heard of him. One of the absolute pioneers of Freeflying!

More than 17000 skydives under the belt and he was part of the First Everest Skydive in 2008. Also one of the handful that left an airplane and skydived into another one, without using the canopy….

Stay tuned, next post about logistics, planes, airstrips.






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