North Pole Skydive part 3: The Kit

This is the third blogpost in a series of an epic trip, The North Pole Skydive.

The aircraft that is to take us to the Barneo Ice cap is a big wide body jet airliner. Currently beeing used also in the search operations after the MH370 outside Australia.
It easily carries the weight of the 2 tractors that are to be dropped at Barneo, plus a lot of fuel, supplies etc etc.

The exit ramp opens in the rear, and is both very high and wide, so it takes about a second before the wind hits when jumping. And the wind hits hard. The IL76 can only reduce the speed to about 300 km per hour, which is very much in skydiving, only that is apparently an experience!
It takes about 45 tonnes of load, when it has so much fuel that is necessary back and forth to the North Pole.

Some pictures of the beast and the loading.



The plane that will, once the landing strip is built on Barneo North Pole, will shuttle tourist from Svalbard is an equally amazing Antonov 74. Specifically designed for arctic conditions, and can land on a 600 meter landing strip “if necessary”.

The Kit I will be wearing on my jump is as follows :

  • Merino wool and GoCoCo long underwear
  • GoCoCo Compression socks (
  • GoCoCo Ski socks
  • Long Bibs of therman long underwear, polartec
  • Houdini Houdie
  • Warm windproof vest
  • Klattermusen GoreTex Ski wear
  • Icebug Sorix (
  • Windstopper and Polartec Balaclava
  • Warm and windproof Hat
  • Polar Hat
  • Big Thinsulate inner Mitts plus GoreTex outer shells.
  • Ski Goggles
  • That should do it.
    Once on the Ice, I will get the great opportiunity to make use of my other cold weather gear .- the Marmoth 8000m Parka. I sure wont freeze in that….

    When going through my kit, the instructors had some major issues with my headwear. Jumping as a tandem, I wont be using a helmet, hence I need other head protection for the cold. Despite my great gear, I was forced to go buy myself a third hat, the polar hat. When looking around in town, the first one I found and liked was a Canada Goose, looked great, but costed Euro 220…. Then I wound anther brand which was on sale for about Euro 15. I was tempted to buy the Goose one, but it just didnt make sense.

    The russians were, however VERY impressed with my great Icebug Sorix Winter boots, , I must say they are amazing, and for the polar adventurers the spikes on the Sorix are just perfect. In fact perfect for any extended stay in the cold….








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