North Pole Skydive part 4: Waiting for Weather and How to Swim in Russia

Waiting for a weather window. Depressing and its becoming the most delayed flight in history. But not much to do about it.

Today I went to the local swimming pool. It was actually the third time I went there. The problem is that you cannot book in advance, but once you get there, it may be full.

However, today I was successful. Barely.

I was told that it is not that much people in the pool on Saturdays, so I would be ok if I got there at about 1 pm. I knew the swimming slot started at 1, so I was there 15 minutes before, in order to change etc.

When I got there, there was a small que up to the Kassa, the counter. Just 6 or 7 people. But it was very slow moving and not much happened. After surely 10 or 15 minutes even the Russians startet to get very annoyed and upset. Apparently there was some problem with the “computer”… So eventually the lady stopped trying to work on the computer, and just charged us and gave me a small ticket. It was not very cheap by russian standards, it costed like 6 euros.

Then I had to take this ticket and go to the next counter, the Administrator. There, I was supposed to change the first ticket to another one.

Next stop was the wardrobe where i handed in my jacket and shoes and instead I got a pair of old plastic sandals.

Finally on my way to the pool. So I was pointed in the direction of the locker room, and got changed. Once there, after changing, I had to hand in my clothes in another counter, and got a fourth ticket. Now I was ready to swim. Only problem was that now the time was way past one, and I knew that I could only swim until 1.45…

It is actually an olympic size pool with about 10 lanes. Of course I walked around and looked for the fastest lane, when yet another lady came up to me and tried to explain, in Russian, that I could only choose among lane 6 or 7. Not really Fastlane there, I tell you. I am not the best swimmer, but at least decent. I have no problem with slower swimmers, but here, the problem was, as in Singapore, that there was no discipline. Nor was there any difference in speed between the two public lanes. Mine was crowded with people swimming breaststroke, double back stroke and one just kicking. One or two wouldnt Swim to the right, but swam in the middle of the lane all the time. Quite annoying.

After 30 minutes the time was up, as it was 1.45 now, and I guess it was time for the next group. I did, however, get to swim 2000 meters during those 30 minutes.

Very interesting experience to swim in new countries. I have to say that Singapore with its many many 50 m outdoor pools that are open until 10 pm and cost 50 cent is unbeatable.

On my way back to the hotel I tried to get a haircut, but I could just find a hairdresser for women.

Stay tuned.








One thought on “North Pole Skydive part 4: Waiting for Weather and How to Swim in Russia

  1. Jörgen Oom

    Spännande! Vi läser med stort intresse o följer Dej.Njut av upplevelsen, mer unikt blir det inte…. Vi håller alla vädertummar.
    Keep up the good spirit!
    Elisabeth o Jörgen


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