North Pole Skydive part 5: Longest flight delay in history…

My wife and I have surely an issue with flights in Russia. Once we missed the connection the day before Christmas Eve in Sheremetsova and had to arrange new tickets to our final destination in Hanoi. The story is a long one, but it surely included some tension, and we were almost thrown out of the country, as we had no visas, so our little stay at the airport (that was almost 24 hours) was close to become an international diplomatic conflict. However, that trip ended with about USD 2000 shorter and celebrating Christmas Eve in the air.
But I guess the kids are used as we once spent Christmas Eve on a bus in Sri Lanka, without any luggage, but with great company….

Today we almost lost a participant due to a visa issue. The problem was that the visa expired (as the waiting for a weather window has been so long) and it had to be extended with a couple of days. Really just a standard procedure, but nevertheless it took 5 persons about 6 hours at the immigration office.

I have spent today, as most other days in Murmansk with the normal routine:
Train, Eat, Work, Train, Eat, Work, Train, Eat, Work, Sleep.
Not so bad, but now eventually the waiting might be over.

We had a briefing this evening about the Barneo skydive and it seems we are leaving with the massive IL76 jet tomorrow morning. Weather permitting, I will be going to sleep in a tent at the pole tomorrow. No blog update from there, I assure you.

By the way, I found this article in Swedish about this years camp.

I was also told by Dimi, the chief that the camp has already had 2 visits by an ice bear with 2 cubs. Interesting you think, but these are no teddy bears. It is actually unusual for the bears to roam so far north, but clearly the global warming is changing things.

Vaya Con Dios.



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