Der Schöne Schweiz

So I eventually got all my luggage after returning to Zurich Flughafen twice and waiting forever there. All seems OK, even though I have yet to assemble my bike and calibrate my iBike watt meter.

After getting my bags, I drove down ton Locarno in the Italian Switzerland. As I wa upgrated to a fat Mercedes, the driving was pleasant but tiring. Switzerland is truly beautiful. I was living here for some months ages ago.

I did a short swim in the lake Maggiore. Very warm but not so clear water.

I will be starting the race on Saturday, Midsommardagen, at 5 am, and will be racing for more than 12 hours.

The passes of Gotthardt pass, Grimsel pass and Furka pass are all legendary and far more than 2400 meters high. In all, the climb on the bike is about 4000 meters.

The run will be hot, unlike Celtman last year… its about 30 degrees in Switzerland now. After 32 k of relatively flat running (by Swiss standards), there is a final climb up to legendary Kleine Scheidegg (by Eiger Nordwand), a climb which is 1100 meters height meters.

I think it will be possible to track the race at on Saturday.

Some nice pictures from this morning (Luzern), and funnily a map which I just found in one of my bumbags when packing for saturday. Havent been using that bag since nearly a year back.





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