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2nd, 3rd or DSQ om the prestigious Råda triathlon

Half of the family was competing today. My wife did a super sprint premiere and rally enjoyed the race- great!

My 10 yr old son G did the kids version and came in first. Again. Showed me who’s the champ in the family.

My mother was there and along with her my daughter and three of her cousins as support.

And how did I do? Well quite ok given the circumstances. A terrible swim (I can’t pace myself at sprint races, and completely blew myself.) The bike could have been ok, if I hadn’t taken the wrong way! And I dragged a bunch of people with me. But at the end of the bike leg I had realized my mistake and did the missing part if the course. The run was ok, and I kept my position as third during the whole run.

So I came in third to the finish line, but the number 2 definitely hadn’t completed the correct bike course.

So depending on your choice, I took silver, bronze or DSQ.

ANYWAY. Great competition and event as always!


Oscar Olsson Kust till Kust Ultratriathlon day 1

I had the opportunity to support Oscar Olsson on the first day of the Ultratriathlon Kust till Kust.

Images are below, and click here for a video compilation of the day:


A fantastic challenge from the west coast of Sweden (starting at the lighthouse Nidingen) and ending up in Stockholm. Day one is a 8 k swim followed by a 180 k bike ride to Jönköping. Day to is a 350 k bike ride up to Trosa near Stockholm. Day three is a 90-110 k run (with some swimming in between), depending on if you run the correct way or not, ending in Central Stockholm.

I was actually one of two who came up with the idea of this super hard race, but did nothing more. Instead, my friend Robert went along and created this epic challenge.

Oscar, a great friend too, did a fantastic performance and a super strong course record, despite bike mechanic problems and navigating severely wrong on the run.

I supported Oscar from a kayak on the swim and by car for the first bike leg.

Here are some videos and pictures of that day.

Fantastic performance, O2!




DCIM100GOPRO DSC_2766 DSC_2775 DSC_2801 DSC_2859 DSC_2845 DSC_2840


Norseman junkies look here! Want to participate in the worlds most epic race??

Have you dreamed about taking part in the epic Norseman?
The ironman distance triathlon considered again and again to be the hardest?
Couldn’t you afford the 5000 SEK plus flights, car rental, equipment hotels etc?
Are you unlucky and can’t win one of the few slots in the lottery, which is about 15 % chance to win one?
Don’t you dare jumping into the black fjord from 7 meters from the ferry?

I can now give you an opportunity to participate in Norseman Extreme Triathlon WITHOUT the lottery, completely FREE OF CHARGE?

The only skills you need and what I ask from you is to mix some bottles of Milebreaker sports drink and jog the last 10 k with me.

Would you want to be my support in 2 August this year?

Our goal will be podium, but more realistic is top-5. having taken 4th place in the Swissman and Celtman is maybe a sign….