Norseman junkies look here! Want to participate in the worlds most epic race??

Have you dreamed about taking part in the epic Norseman?
The ironman distance triathlon considered again and again to be the hardest?
Couldn’t you afford the 5000 SEK plus flights, car rental, equipment hotels etc?
Are you unlucky and can’t win one of the few slots in the lottery, which is about 15 % chance to win one?
Don’t you dare jumping into the black fjord from 7 meters from the ferry?

I can now give you an opportunity to participate in Norseman Extreme Triathlon WITHOUT the lottery, completely FREE OF CHARGE?

The only skills you need and what I ask from you is to mix some bottles of Milebreaker sports drink and jog the last 10 k with me.

Would you want to be my support in 2 August this year?

Our goal will be podium, but more realistic is top-5. having taken 4th place in the Swissman and Celtman is maybe a sign….



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