Post A-race competitions and training

After Norseman a couple of weeks back I have been training and competing irregularly. But that is a great feeling, a feeling that I missed last year. Last year, I had a irritating injury, which prevented me from participating in local great fun-runs.

One such fun run was this weekend on Friday. It was the great Särö Royal Triathlon, a triathlon with more focus on the following party than the race itself.
I had planned to do it with my two close friends, but none of them could take part, one was injured and the other one was sick – and as it was a team competition with teams of three, I had to recruit two new team mates. Fortunately my friend Ulrika and a new friend Niklas was up for it.
My dear wife was also participating with her 2 friends.

The distance is about 300 meters swimming, 9 k biking and 5 k running.

It was a great race, and our newly assembled team worked well and managed to take the first place. Thank you!
And the event just got better during the evening. A fantastic party! Images below!

Today Sunday I did a crazy test run of a new swim run course. It was the local swim club KBSS that tested a new course very local to where I live so it was a great opportunity. The weather in the morning SUCKED, but rain doesn’t matter that much in a swim run. But it was surely windy too..
We expected the course to take 2.5 hours, but it took me and Ulrika 4 hours of struggling, and then we actually skipped a couple of islands on the course. The conditions in the water was pleasant, but very hard wind and waves in the exposed swims. 

The “course” over the island was a joke – completely impossible to run through effectively. 

But with better marked course and some considerations of where to run over the islands and the course can be an extreme but great swim run course. 

Look in the you tube videos below, there are some representative waves 45 seconds into the first clip….












Tjolöholmsloppet 2014 v2


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