Marathon coming up

So this is how it looks like. The all new pain machine… Just one error. Can you spot it?

If there is one single thing I am good it it must be “opportunistic”. My comparative advantage in training is certainly to be opportunistic. I don’t plan my training too much, bur rather take the opportunity when it comes. That is the only reason I can manage the training and still combine that with a job that requires a lot of travel and certainly my family.

Last week for instance I had a completely insane travel itinerary. Without going into details I was stuck in Berlin for a night due to a found bomb from WW2 that they had to disarm.

After checking in to the hotel at 23.30, I realized the gym was open 24/7. You don’t need to ask whether I had my run kit with me. Naturally I took the chance to test the gym. I can assure you it was empty. Good thing with working out in hotel gyms at strange hours is that you sometimes get unusual support. this time, the cleaning lady gave me a towel ( I guess there was a reason for that), and last time at another hotel I got a couple of glasses of water from another cleaning lady . without asking for it. Thank you!

Comping back to “opportunistic”. My wife is away this W.E. and still I had to get the training done. With F who is only 4 that is a bit of challenge. But I had recently seen they discounted a reasonable treadmill (from Monark) at XXL. Old price: 14000 SEK, new price 5.000 SEK. It wasn’t really a decision I had to take – it was a given.

I did a first jog yesterday, 1 hour @ 3.45 pace. hard work as the fan couldn’t cool me down. I guess I have to move the treadmill to the garage, next to my other Monark Ergomedic.

I was supposed to do another hard session yesterday evening but I developed a bit of cold during the day so I cancelled. Same cold today ruining my final sessions for the marathon next weekend. Always something to blame if it doesn’t go as planned (2:39).

Anyway, you should by now have found the error in the picture. Yes you are right. The water bottle shouldn’t be an old  Vitargo, it should be a #milebreaker , even though they sell Vitargo at Milebreaker.



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