2nd place in Finalloppet!

I am the ultimate first looser. I have had so many second or fourth places that I can barely count no more.
But nevertheless happy with yesterdays performance.
It was the 18.8 kilometer trail run Finalloppet in Skatås, a beautiful but quite hard race. It has been around for many years, and it attracts a handful of great runners plus all the local ones.
It goes over gravel and trails east of Gothenburg.
As often, I hadn’t quite made up my mind, I have had a bit of cold the last few weeks. But on the morning I decided to give it a go anyway. It’s always great with these semi-local low-key competitions where you get to meet up with so many of your friends AND race against them.
I met several of my club mates and a couple of others that I was going to fight against during the race. By the way – there are a number of races from kids run, 5k, 10 k and the 18.8 k run.
It was a warm day so I decided to sun i shorts, GoCoCo socks and Icebug    Enlight shoes and the club triathlon singlet in order to represent Triathlon Väst.
I chose the Icebug Enlight as they provide quite good support for my foot which bothers me 16 months after my injury, but still gives great traction in all conditions except when it gets really muddy.
Race went off. Best runners complete the race in 1.03 which is incredible. Some say that you finishing time would represent a potential finishing time in Göteborgsvarvet, but I doubt that. My goal was to run hard, beat all my friends and finish in 1.13-1.16. I set off with the first group but fell down soon to the group Etto. Here I was together with Enar and Mattias Lundkvist, both great athletes.
After 4 k I started having some cramps in my left thigh, but stretched a bit in my stride and managed. I was leading my group, and chasing some runners. I had someone behind me all the time, but didn’t want to turn around and see who. The guy obviously had some issues as he was snoring all the time! It would later prove to be Enar…
Race went on and around the lakes in Skatås. When we came into the technical section, Enar overtook me, and we gained on the three runners in front. Enar pushed well, I held his back, and we took those 3 positions. Great pacing of Enar!
Then after the technical section, at about 12-13 k, I quickly found a fast pace and left Enar behind…. For about 1 k, when i suddenly felt not so strong. I downed a gel, but was overtaken by 2 of the guys I passed 2 kilometers before, but not Enar.
I pushed on, it was hard, but the kilometers ticked by. I approached a runner in front of me, but couldn’t get close enough. Sometimes I looked back and saw Enar and another guy a couple of hundred meters behind me. They had contact with me, but I was quite safe with the distance.
Finished 2nd in my age group and 8th overall at 1:12. Quite happy with that, and the second place earned me a voucher in a sports shop, which basically covered the entrant fee.
Thanks for the pacing Enar, and thanks for all support, Icebug, GoCoCo, Triathlon Väst, Milebreaker, Nordic Wellness and all others.
Coming up next – Vintermarathon in Stockholm next weekend?
And finally a small cliff hanger – I was tested at Aktivitus during the last week. Aktivitus is THE test and coaching institute in Sweden, the Mattas Lundkvist as owner/manager. A race report from that event is also on its way, but It like to get some video editing done first….
Cliff hanger 2: I had a great lunch on Friday – hopefully which will result in some interesting development….
Skärmklipp 2014-11-02 23.51.12

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