Challenge 2015 #1 of 4

Paris Marathon in 12 April will be the first challenge of 2015. I am hoping for it to become the first perfect training goal of the season. The target time is 2.39 minutes, an average pace of 3:47 /kilometer.

That will be a personal best and about a 50th place by Swedish standards, including all roadies.

The training required will be great for maintaining fitness over the dark months. The treadmill will give no excuses to train in every weather of any occasion.

All tempo runs will be at 16 km/h.

Adding to that progressive long runs 30-35 km’s and 1000 and 2000 meter fast intervals.


Looking forward to continued support from my mains: #gococo #icebug #nordicwellness #milebreaker and some new ones: #g***** #s*****

Skärmklipp 2014-11-10 23.22.37



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