Challenge 2015 #2 of 4




Second challenge of 2015 will be the classic Vätternrundan round the pond bike ride.

It is the worlds largest biking competition and I have attempted the sub7 hour challenge a couple of times. The team has reached 7.08, but not fully sub7. The trip is 300 km so the goal corresponds to 43 km /hour. on a road bike.

Meticulous planning, hardship and reasonable good conditions are all necessary to succeed.

The Vätternrundan attracts some 20.000 participants, and with a sub7 finish, we will be among the 50 or so best riders.

For me, it is a great spring challenge, forcing me to early bike training including early bird training regime.

I didnt do the Vätternrundan in 2014, but it will be great to see the team again.

Also – with some help from other friends, we have an idea of some live coverage, if possible.

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