Thor, this one is for you.

I like to evaluate new and old things. One apparently old thing is the VO2 boost some Nitrate can have, which is easiest to get from Beet roots. And I like them, either as they are, or sometimes juiced or shots.

When I was in  Norway this summer for Norseman with my supporter Thor, I had a carload of training gear with me, but also some groceries, for instance a liter of beet root juice.

Naturally, the bottle leaked and many of my training clothes were stained with the very difficult red. No good, and I had to promise Thor never to bring beet juice in such way again.

Another thing I practice as a training opportunist, is always be ready (no not like the boyscout) for training, which means having an oversized duffle bag of training gear in the car every day.

For the last few weeks I have had some issues with finding clothes again stained with beet juice, thinking that it must be from August. (yes it is a very big duffle bag).

Today, when running a fast paced tempo run (16.5 km/h) on the treadmill at Nordic Wellness I realized that the beet it shot I have had in my bag had leaked. and it was now completely empty. Hence the spots on the clothes, and all other gear was all sticky. So I have now spent some time with cleaning the mess up.

But thank you Milebreaker for helping me with the beet shot, but this time i failed again.

In addition to the run, I was also in the pool for an early session. It is a long way back. Starting 6 am gives however energy and a feeling of strength. Then I was back in the pool again in the evening for another session, but this time all fun no work with F, my daughter.

I won’t bother you with the poor swim session, but here is a graph from Garmin connect with the cardiac drift when running 16.5 km/h. still some more fitness needed obviously!

Skärmklipp 2014-12-12 20.02.21



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