Challenge 2015 3 of 4 or 5 or 6….

Go for Gold in Austria!

One of the type A Competitions for 2015 will be the inaugural Austria Extreme Triathlon. While not part of the AllXtri -family (yet?), it surely has the potential to be a great event. Similar concept to Swissman, Celtman and Norseman, but in an Austrian environment.

Objective? Surely I’ll head for the top of the podium.

All plans are not set yet, such as support runner (maybe you?), but I’ll take one of my great training buddies with me in the project, Alexander Wennergren-Helm. Alexander completed the Swissman last year as Team Odlo, and is taking his second Extreme Triathlon this summer.

Related to this I have some great news of other “friends” that will support me on the journey – some great companies that will partner up. But more about that when its official. Don’t miss the  promo film below about AUXTRI.


Welcome at Austria eXtreme Triathlon, the new generation of winners!

The “Mur”, a river within the heart of Austria

The Mur flows trougth Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary and constitutes also partly the border between these four states.

You have to swim 3.8 km in the Mur – there of 2.2 km on the right bank downstream and 1.6 km on the left bank upstream. Upstream you will feel the current; generally you will feel the extreme coldness of 14 degree water temperature. The swimming distance will end in a branch of the Mur at Thondorf.


You will ride with the bike through “Green Styria” (die Grüne Steiermark).

The 186 km are ranging across the Gaberl, into the Murtal and from there into the Lachtal across the Sölkpass until the dam in Großsölk.

In total there are +3900 meters altitude difference on the bike.


The start is located at the Großsölk dam.
fantastic starting point into the run.
Here it’s time for goose skin – running down to the canyon along through the Kleinsölk to Pruggern.
From there you will continue through Aich to Weißenbach alongside the Enns.
Through the Silberkarklamm to Ramsau to the Südwand Hütte and finally to the valley station of the Dachstein, a breathtaking scenery after 44 km and more than +1900 meters of difference in altitude, reaching the finish line …




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