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Atherton day out

I had the great pleasure to take the Redbull Go Beyond price of the Celtman Extreme Triathlon, I did this by being pushed to my limit by my support runner Oscar for  the first half of the run, over the Coulin pass. Hard work, but after this, my broken foot took its toll.

The price was awesome, going to Wales for a full day of mountain biking with the Athertons, world champions in downhill biking. I had the opportunity for going there last weekend and I composed a small clip about the event.





Training goals next 6 months

There has been little movement on this blog the last weeks. Certainly little movement  in general, I should say.

Motivation has not been at its best, and focus has been low. I have done some swim training and some alternative training, indoor rower and some other gym exercises. But I am about to kick off my training again.

My foot is not completely well yet, I hope to do yet another X-ray and hopefully I will get some positive feed-back from the specialist.

Anyway, I have started to set some training goals for the next half year. Quite lofty goals, but great to define what to accomplish in training. One could argue that the goals below would not be specific enough to be strong on Extreme Triathlons, but rest assured that my overall training will be geared against Extreme Triathlons.

So the goals are the following:

By the 1 May 2014, I shall be able to

  • Swim 30x100m start 1:30 (in a 25 m pool) No drafting (New PB)
  • Bike 4 x 4 min x 400 Watt (3 min rest intervals) (Monark 874) (new PB)
  • Run 10 k sub 35 min (track) Pacing allowed (new PB)
  • Run 8x1000m @ 3:15 pace (1 min rest intervals) (new PB)
  • Optimum weight 76-77 kg. (new PB)


What do you think?
What are your training goals?
Clock is ticking.